Bohemian Strings arranging and studio recording

Please find audio samples of our string arrangements and studio work below:

Lorraine Nolan

If you can appreciate how much difference the sounds of real strings on your track would make, if an orchestra is way beyond your budget, you can have real strings arranged and all played on live instruments by us. Or add just a few real players to synth pads or sampled strings to have a more natural feel to your own music production.

As session musicians who have recorded hours of music, Bohemian Strings will almost certainly surprise you with professionalism, experience and skill.

We can provide string arrangement, string parts, MIDI file transcription, take-downs, music notation preparation. Well prepared sheet music will save you time and money in the studio.

String quartet is also the perfect complement for backing any live show, television or film appearances. You may have seen us live during live shows with Brian Wilson, Mick Flannery, Wayne Brennan, Lorraine Nolan, The Mysterious Chords or on the TV Late Late Show with Leon Jackson, Daniel O'Donnell, in the movie "Becoming Jane", in TV series "Penny Dreadful" or "The Tudors".

Bohemian Strings can be also hired as a support act for live shows.