About us

String Quartet consists of:

  • 1st Violin
  • 2nd Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello

We perform on:

  • Accoustical instruments
  • Amplified for larger audiences and venues
  • Amplification is essential for a larger audience (i.e. our Dublin Aviva Stadium Official Opening performance for over 1000 guests).

Areas we cover:

  • Dublin based Bohemian Strings can travel all over Ireland:
  • Leinster, Munster, Connaught and Ulster.

  • Most of our performancies have taken place in counties:
    Dublin, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow, Carlow, Wexford, Laois, Kilkenny, Offaly, Westmeath, Longford, Cavan, Monaghan, Waterford, Tipperary, Roscommon, Leitrim, Galway.